Three weeks ago, SmartLivingEPC partners met in Delft, The Netherlands for the 4th Plenary meeting. The meeting was hosted by our Dutch partner DEMO Consultants. We came together to discuss the steps taken in advancing energy performance certification.

On the first day, we started with a Project Management presentation by CERTH where the general project status was discussed. Next, the Conceptual Architecture Framework, System Requirements, and System Viewpoints were discussed in the scope of WP1. During the presentation of WP2 the Asset methodology was discussed and synergies with WP3, which deals with the Operational methodology, were identified. In the presentation of WP4, progress on the following topics was discussed: Common Information Exchange Model, Building dynamic behavior monitoring, Digital Twin and Digital Logbooks. We concluded the day with the Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation WP. After a fruitful day full of discussions, we headed to the DEMO Consultants office, which is located near the meeting location in Delft. After refreshing drinks, it was time for dinner in the city center of Delft.

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