04/2015 abstracts


05 Compliance and quality of the works: critical factors for successful EPBD implementation
      Peter Wouters


06 Compliant input data for building energy performance certificates
      François Durier

10 Quality of works – Existing situations, reasons for problems and first best practice solutions
      Heike Erhorn-Kluttig
, Hans Erhorn

14 Compliance of U-values in new residential buildings in Cyprus
      Marina Kyprianou Dracou

16 Competent tester schemes for building airtightness
      Valérie Leprince,
François Rémi Carrié

18 Quality management and building airtightness: the French approach
      Sandrine Charrier,
François Rémi Carrié

21 Belgium quality framework for building airtightness tests
      Clarisse Mees,
Christophe Delmotte

23 AMA and Certification of Ventilation Installers - Two Swedish ways of improving the quality of HVAC-systems
      Johnny Andersson

26 Solar and daylight management for energy performance buildings
      Ann Van Eycken

28 Certified Performance Database: tool for quality and compliance
      Sylvain Courtey

30 Air conditioning environmental challenges
      Didier Coulomb

35 2015 REHVA Student competition summary

36 Desktop polling station for real‑time building occupant feedback
      Stine Pedersen,
Steffen Petersen

38 A local ventilation system for the operating theatre
      Jelle Loogman,
Ivo de Visser

44 Passive Cooling Measures for Single-Family Houses
      Magdalena Zwiehoff

49 Testing the use of an active chilled beam technology in a hospital ward mock-up
      Aleksejs Prozuments


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