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How to define nearly net zero energy buildings nZEB
Jarek Kurnitski, Francis Allard, Derrick Braham, Guillaume Goeders, Per Heiselberg, Lennart Jagemar, Risto Kosonen, Jean Lebrun, Livio Mazzarella, Jorma Railio, Olli Seppänen, Michael Schmidt, Maija Virta

Towards nZEB – some examples of national requirements and roadmaps
Lennart Jagemar, Michael Schmidt, Francis Allard, Per Heiselberg and Jarek Kurnitski

Ventilation with heat recovery is a necessity in “nearly zero” energy buildings
Claus Händel

Simple and reliable constant pressure ventilation for nZEB
Jonas Gräslund

Saving Energy and Improving IAQ through Application of Advanced Air Cleaning Technologies
William J. Fisk, Hugo Destaillats, Meera A. Sidheswaran

Comfort ventilation - a key factor of the comfortable, energy-efficient building
Ruedi Kriesi

Overheating and insufficient heating problems in low energy houses up to now call for improvements in future
Tine Steen Larsen

Heating and cooling challenge in nZEB
Lars Sønderby Nielsen

A market overview of erected low-energy buildings in Sweden
Åsa Wahlström


Elithis Tower in Dijon, France
Oscar Hernandez

IUCN headquarter in Gland, Switzerland – an example for efficient energy design
Matthias Achermann

UKP NESK: TNT Green Office in Hoofddorp, Holland
Wim Zeiler


Saving water and energy with modern tap wear technology without reducing comfort of living
Tapio Komulainen

Accumulating fireplace integrated with a water-based central heating system
Pekka Horttanainen

New hybrid solution for energy efficient cooling, heating and ventilation – chilled beam integrated with radiant panels
Panu Mustakallio, Risto Kosonen and Risto Paavilainen


EU plans to reduce GHG emissions with 80% by 2050
Zoltan Magyar

Buildings in the key role in the EU Energy Efficiency Action Plan
Zoltan Magyar

The Construction Products Directive revised
Matti J Virtanen

Energy efficiency action plan (EEAP) 2011 adopted March 8th by the Council & BUILD UP 2
Olli Seppänen


Interview of REHVA board members on nearly zero energy buildings
Olli Seppänen

REHVA organised seminar: HVAC for Net Zero Energy Buildings at ISH Frankfurt March 17, 2011
Olli Seppänen

EKVÜ – Estonian Society of Heating and Ventilation Engineers – hosts REHVA Annual meeting in Tallinn
Olli Seppänen

Danvak Conference on Low Energy Building and Related Issues Successfully Held on 7 April
Olli Seppänen

The Swiss Society of Building Technology-Engineers (SWKI)
Olli Seppänen


VDI - Guidelines published January – March 2011
Tanja Teloy

Implementing the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD)
Olli Seppänen


Airtightness of buildings and ductwork: The Tightvent Europe Platform
Olli Seppänen