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05 Energy efficiency and healthy indoor environment
     Olli Seppänen


06 Assessing electrical energy use in HVAC systems
     Ian Knight

12 Optimal thermal environment improves performance of office work
     Li Lan, Pawel Wargocki, Zhiwei Lian

18 Ventilation system types in some EU countries
     Andrei Litiu

24 Ventilation rates and IAQ in national regulations
     Nejc Brelih

30 Electricity use in two low energy office buildings in Norway
     Natasa Djuric, Vojislav Novakovic, Frode Frydenlund

36 Energy efficient and low CO2 office building
     Pellervo Matilainen, Miimu Airaksinen


40 How to reach less than 15 kWh/m² annual final energy use for HVAC in an office building
     J-C Léonard, P Pedrocchi

44 Energy-Efficient Passive House using thermal mass to achieve high thermal comfort
     Loa Andersson, Alexander Engström, Gösta Lindström


50 Lindab Pascal - a new simplified VAV solution with full potential