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4   Increasing need for reliable performance data of HVAC products
     Zoltan Magyar


6    Energy Labelling - State of play and conceptions for future
     Ruben Kubiak & Ismo Grönroos-Saikkala

12  Voluntary labelling and certification of HVAC products
      Sylvain Courtey

16  Thermal and acoustic comfort requirements in European standard and national regulations
      Nejc Brelih

20  Hybrid heat pumps - saving energy and reducing carbon emissions
      Bart Aspeslagh & Stefanie Debaets

26  Holistic approcak creating the best comfort using the least energy
       Markus Kalo & Martin Mellbin

31  Eurovent chiller certification key stones and futures challenges
      Sandrine Marinhas

34  Influence of the dry cooler capacity on the efficiency of chillers - increased energy efficiency through certification
      Hanns Chirstoph Rauser & Stefano Filippini

36  Energy - Water Nexus
      Pirjo-Liisa Koskimäki

38  Design Criteria and Software Development for Finned Tube Evaporator Using R744
      Hatice Canbaz, Engin Söylemez & Kadir Isa

40  Identifiying Energy Using Components in Exhaust Ventilation Systems
      Khalil Kairouz & Dale Price


46  15 years of reliable European Certification of HVAC&R products
     Erick Melquiond

49  Eurovent Certification Programmes


60  Why certified performance data is needed?
       - Interview with Jaap Hogeling

61   Designer needs reliable performance data of products
      - Interview with Wim Boydens

62  Position of Eurovent Certification clarified
     - Interview with Erick Melquiond

64  The product data needs to get smarter, much smarter
     Per Sahlin

66  Growing interest in market intelligence of HVAC products
     - Interview with Yannick Lu-Cotrelle