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5   Editorial - Successful Clima 2013 Conference     
     Olli Seppänen


6    Effects of indoor environment on performance
     David P. Wyon and Pawel Wargocki

11  Nearby use of renewable energy sources - an alternative for on-site production
      Jarek Kurnitski

15  VAV system with genuinely demand-controlled fans
      Kurt Truninger

19  Comparative study of HVAC systems in hospitals: chilled beams and fan coils
      Filipe Ventura

23  A Method to Analyse the Performance Residential Ventilation Systems
      Jerzy Sowa, Maciej Mijakowski, Aleksander Panek

27  Ecodesign regulations for Solid fuel boilers and Local space heaters approaching the final steps
      Jorma Railio

29  Status of new CEN Energy Performance of Buildings Standards
      Jaap Hogeling


32  Improving the Energy by Coupling of a Heat Pump and Hybrid PV-T Panels
      Eric Auzenet, Alain Guiavarch, Ismael Lokhat, Fabrice Claudon

36  Heat recovery ventilation with closed-loop ground heat exchange
      Bart Cremers

40  MicroShade™ provides daylight and view out in the new Confederation of Danish Industry’ building in Copenhagen
      Helle Foldbjerg Rasmussen


43  Effects of intermittent air velocity on thermal and draught perception – A field study in a school environment
      Hans Wigö