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05 The European Parliament voted for binding energy efficiency targets
     Olli Seppänen


06 nZEB definitions in Europe
    Tiziano Buso, Jarek Kurnitski, Stefano Paolo Corgnati, Andrei Litiu and Anita Derjanecz

10 Construction Products Regulation (CPR) applies also to HVAC products

12 Smart Micro Energy Network for Eco-Communities
     Long Weiding

19 Total economy of windows and facades in low energy office buildings
     Martin Thalfeldt,
Jarek Kurnitski, Hendrik Voll, Ergo Pikas

26 The performance assessment of fuel cell technology in residential application
     Semih Kurular,
Melike Gülbahçe, Mustafa Kemal Sevindir, Ahmet Yurtseven

32 Requirements for Seasonal Efficiency for Air-conditioning Units
     Arnaud Lacourt

36 Terms used to describe the performance of chillers, air conditioners and heat pumps
     Sandrine Marinhas

38 Performance of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems
     Sylvain Courtey


44 nZEB headquarters of Skanska
     Jonas Gräslund