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  Editorial -Good indoor environment should not be sacrificed for low energy use     
     Olli Seppänen


6   Good indoor environment and energy efficiency increase monetary value of buildings
     Matti Sivunen, Risto Kosonen and Juho-Kusti Kajander

10  Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Environment in Classrooms with Different Ventilation Systems
      Jie Gao, Pawel Wargocki and Yi Wang

16  Energy upgrading measures improve also indoor climate
      Peter Foldberg and Henrik N Knudsen

22  The Windsor conference focused on the cost of comfort indoors
      Fergus Nicol

25 Comfort, user behavior and energy efficiency - Summary of a workshop at Windsor Conference 2014
      Jens Pfafferott and Atze Boerstra

28  A new concept to reduce indoor air particle concentration
      Seppo Enbom, Hannu Salmela, Matti Lehtimäki, Tapio Kalliohaka, Kimmo Heinonen and Matti Niemeläinen

31  Modifications ot the Eurovent Energy Efficiency Classification for Air Filters
      Hugo Hemel

34  Protected zone ventilation reduces personal exposure to indoor pollution
      Guangyu Cao, Kai Siren, Peter V Nielsen and Atila Novoselac

40  Stratum Ventilation - A Solution to Meet Challenges to Contemporary Air Distribution
      Zhang Lin

44  Automatic volume flow balancing in ventilation units
      Kristin Bräunlich

47  Thermal comfort with radiant and convective cooling systems
      Risto Kosonen, Panu Mustakallio, Zhecho Bolashikov, Sona Kolencikova, Kalin Kostov and Arsen K. Melikov

52  Assesing renovation measures by the effectiveness
      Valdimir Jovanocic


55  Maison air et lumière a case from model home 2020 project
      Peter Foldberg and Henrik N Knudsen