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5   Performance of heat pump systems in building applications 
     Olli Seppänen


7   Efficiency of Heat Pumps in Real Operating Conditions – Results of three Monitoring Campaigns in Germany
     Marek Miara, Danny Günther, Robert Langner, Sebastian Helmling

14  Air Source Heat Pumps for Cold Climate Applications: Recent U. S. R&D Results from IEA HPP Annex 41     
      V. Baxter, E. Groll, B. Shen

19  Heat pumps for nZEB in IEA HPP Annexes 32 and 40
      Carsten Wemhoener

26  Heat Pump or CHP – which one is greener?
      Faramarz Sadr

30  New F-Gas Regulation
       Anita Derjanecz

34  Management of electricity and heating demand to match sustainable energy supply
       Hassan Harb, Peter Matthes, Henryk Wolisz, Rita Streblow, Dirk Müller

40  Policies to Limit European Air Conditioning Energy Consumption
       Roger Hitchin, Christine Pout

46  Energy Savings and Energy Efficiency through Building Automation and Control
       Martin Becker, Peter Knoll

51  Total energy use in buildings: analysis and evaluation methods
       Shuqin Chen, Hiroshi Yoshino

59  Clean Indoor Air for health and sustainability
       Peter Dyment


65  Status of new CEN (and ISO) standards for implementation of EPBD
       Jaap Hogeling