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5   Towards post-carbon cities  
     Stefano Corgnati


7   System for Zero Energy Houses
     Enrico Fabrizio

12  Modular heat pumps: energy performance
      Michele Albieri, Pio Faldelli, Attilio Masoch, Silvia Morassutti

      Modular heat pumps: energy performance (full version)  
      Michele Albieri, Pio Faldelli, Attilio Masoch, Silvia Morassutti

18  Energy performance of radiators with parallel and serial connected panels
      Mikk Maivel, Martin Konzelmann, Jarek Kurnitski

22  All-in-one high-performing system for ZEB houses
      Maria Ferrara, Frederic Kuznik, Joseph Virgone

28  Certified ClimateHouse A building in Mediterranean climate
      Cristina Becchio, Gianni Carlo La Loggia, Lara Orlietti

32  Deep energy retrofit of vernacular housing
      Manuela Almeida, Ana Rodrigues, Inês Cabral, Marco Ferreira, André Coelho, Gonçalo Machado

38  The challenge of designing and building nZEBs: a single-family house in Italy
      Stefano Paolo Corgnati, Cecilia Guala, Marco Luciano

44  Energy efficiency and HVAC systems in existing and historical buildings
      Livio de Santoli, Francesca R. d’Ambrosio Alfano

50  Comfort cooling and solar power – a perfect match?
      Elsa Fahlén, Henrik Olsson, Niklas Christensson


57  Interview of REHVA Board Members on nearly Zero Energy Buildings
      Stefano Paolo Corgnati


68  Initiates file downloadIntegrated Design: Lessons learned from good practice examples

69  Initiates file downloadIntegrated Design: National activities towards widespread use of NZEB