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05 Indoor Environmental Quality needs a multidisciplinary approach
      Jaap Hogeling


06 Monitoring the energy- & IAQ performance of residential ventilation systems
Rob van Holsteijn, William Li

12 Are women feeling colder than men in air-conditioning buildings?
      Bjarne Olesen

14 Air distribution in a classroom
      Risto Kosonen & Panu Mustakallio

18 Model Home 2020 experiment opens new perspectives on home automation – Where technology serves humans
      Peter Foldbjerg & Jens Christoffersen

23 Summertime overheating prevention requirements and results in Estonia
      Raimo Simson, Jarek Kurnitski & Mikk Maivel

28 A design tool for night ventilation
      Kim Goethals, Floor Anseeuw, Stefan Verbrugge, Pedro Pattijn & Arnold Janssens

35 Evaluation of daylight in buildings in the future
      Elpida Vangeloglou & Helle Foldbjerg Rasmussen

41 Effect of CO2 on restlessness of an Alzheimer patient
      Bart Cremers

45 The new EN 15316-2 – a standard for calculating the additional energy use of emission systems
      Joachim Seifert, Martin Knorr & Johann Zirngibl

50 The impact of control on the energy use of fans in building ventilation systems
     Jürg Tödtli

58 US DOE launched a common definition for Zero Energy Buildings
      Jarek Kurnitski & Jaap Hogeling

62 Indoor Environmental Quality – Global Alliance
      Bjarne W. Olesen

64 Chiller seasonal energy consumption in historical buildings
      Artūrs Brahmanis, Egīls Dzelzītis & Arturs Lešinskis