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05 Harmonised assessment procedures for the Building Energy Performance declaration or certification are essential to support our industry towards (Nearly) Zero Energy Performing Buildings by or after 2020
      Jaap Hogeling


07 Designing an energy efficient and comfortable building
Peter Simmonds

13 Evaluation of indoor environment and energy consumption in dwellings before and after their refurbishment
      Hana Bukovianska Pustayová, Veronika Földváry & Dušan Petráš

21 Ventilative cooling design for a large office building 
     Guilherme Carrilho da Graça
, Daniel P. Albuquerque, Maria M. Lerer

27 The new Eurovent energy efficiency label for central ventilation units
      Martin Törpe

29 Certified Performance Database as a tool for quality and compliance
      Sylvain Courtey

31 New challenges for heat pump certification
      François-Xavier Ball

37 Certified thermal performance testing provides value for money and has a proven positive impact on the actual system cost
      Georg Mager & Ian Butler

40 Discover a top European Third-party certification body dedicated to guaranteeing worldwide consumers comfort and satisfaction via product performance certification
      Erick Melquiond

43 Certification Programmes for domestic, commercial and industrial facilities
      Eurovent Certita Certification

56 Air Conditioning of St Mary’s Archeological Church, Cairo
      Essam E. Khalil

62 Indoor Environment Quality at Schools: A training project of the students and teachers in İzmir (Turkey)
      Sait Cemil Sofuoglu

64 European Market Intelligence
     Ghita Boudribila,
Yannick Lu-Cotrelle


74 REHVA Workshops at CLIMA 2016 conference in Aalborg May 22-25, 2016
      Cynthia Despradel