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05 In the year of CLIMA 2019 also continuing focus on energy, indoor climate 

Jaap Hogeling


06-12 Are low-cost sensors good enough for IAQ controls?

Iain Walker & Brett Singer

13-15 Indoor Air Quality Standardization in Ibero-America

Paulino Pastor Pérez, Roberto D´Anetra & Henrique Cury Ana Tisov & Peter Op't Veld

16-22  Including air-exchange performance in building regulation

R.C.A. van Holsteijn, H.J.J. Valk, J. Laverge & W.L.K. Li 

23-25  IAQ in workplace in Belgium: alternatives to CO2 requirement

Samuel Caillou, J. Laverge & Peter Wouters

28-33  Key findings on Ventilative Cooling

Peter Holzer & Philipp Stern

34-39 Thermal comfort in operating theatres for different types of ventilation systems

Ilse Jacobs, Marcel Loomans, Lada Hensen-Centnerová, Michel Krombeen & Helianthe Kort

40-46 Key Modules and Optimization Approach for hybrid GEOTABS Buildings:Background and state‑of‑the‑art

Héctor Cano Esteban, Qian Wang, Jan Hoogmartens & Ongun Berk Kazanci

47-51 Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Air Preheating Systems using Wastewater and Geothermal Energy

Behrouz Nourozi, Simon Härer, Qian Wang & Adnan Ploskić

52-54 European Certification of HVAC&R products

Erick Melquiond