Erick Melquiond
President, Eurovent Certita Certification


Today, professionals face new challenges in complying with the objectives of carbon footprint reduction and addressing the constraints of building code regulations that require precise calculations based on performance data.

In addition, with the rising costs of energy and the growing demand for cooling in buildings, supermarkets, or data centers, monitoring energy consumption is becoming key to reduce both the financial and environmental impact.

In this challenging and fast-moving context, reliable product performance has become a main driver for business decisions and product investments. When it comes to reducing the energy bill, third-party certification offers a real value.

Trusted as a highly skilled and experienced partner, Eurovent Certita Certification has positioned itself as the number one Third-Party certification provider in Europe in the field of Indoor Climate, Ventilation and Air Quality, Process Cooling & Food Cold Chain.

Based on a voluntary scheme, our certification is open to all manufacturers as well as to distributors who can apply via our Brand Name scheme. We deliver independent and reliable expertise for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We certify product performances according to both European and international standards, and our certification processes include yearly factory assessment audits, software audits, and third-party product testing.

Whether in response to the rapid growth of hybrid systems involving multiple energy sources or technologies, or to new directives and regulations, Eurovent Certita Certification’s mission is to continuously adapt its programmes, methods, and protocols to meet the expectations of the market and its stakeholders.

Consultants, buyers and contractors benefit from a fair and competitive market, supporting the dimensioning of energy efficient projects

Commercial buildings consume 40% of all electrical energy; with the introduction of the Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD) in Europe, reducing energy consumption is one of the challenges consultants and contractors have to face. Dimensioning projects that assess the energy consumption of buildings and highlight its true cost quickly illustrate the power and value of certified data.

The purpose of Eurovent Certita Certification is to create common set of criteria for rating products, that apply to all manufacturers, thus increasing the integrity and accuracy of data while ensuring the needed level of transparency to guarantee a fair and competitive comparison. With over 95,000 models certified, our database provides professionals with all the information needed to dimension equipment and match the technical constraints of the specifications with the financial target of the project.


Third-Party certification enables compliance monitoring to achieve environmental goals

Performance data certified by Eurovent Certita Certification is instrumental for State authorities to enable compliance monitoring. It provides valuable data to document and track market information. Eurovent Certita Certification is an accredited certification body, trusted to deliver a consistently reliable and impartial service which meets the appropriate, internationally recognised standards.

Third-Party certification offers guarantees of integrity, independence, impartiality and competence while remaining compliant with European Competition Laws.

We operate with the commissions responsible for the harmonisation and the integrity of our certification programmes, including authorities, end-user groups, scientific and technical bodies, and manufacturer associations.

All 30 laboratories and testing agencies that are a part of the Eurovent Certita Certification process are regularly assessed according to ISO 17025. They are located in 11 countries worldwide.

Our testing protocols include independent tests, manufacturing audits, selection software checks, product sampling, product purchasing, cross data coherence algorithms per product family, and product dismantling after testing



Product performance certification delivered by Eurovent Certita Certification plays a key role to ensure transparency and deliver high quality and reliable data

Ourcommitment in adding value along the renewableenergydecisionchain goes one step further and extends to installers, household buyers or contractorsfor whom we are implementing on-line tools to supportthem at everystage of their projects, fromthe quotation to the filing forlocal incentives or tax rebates.


By a simple, 24/7 connection to our website you candownloadProduct Performance ReportsthatprovidedetailedperformancefeaturesandvaluessuchastheCOP (Coefficient Of Performance)ortheSound Power Level.


Regardless of whether the expected benefits are technical, financial, competitive, organizational or process-oriented, there are many reasons to look at Eurovent Certita Certification.

With this special ACREX issue of the REHVA Journal, we welcome the opportunity to present 20 years of Third-Party performance certification expertise and know-how.


Erick MelquiondPages 40 - 42

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