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Some great figures: 480 papers, 529 presentations, 11 keynote speeches, 19 workshops and a record attendance of 1056 participants. REHVA congratulates the Romanian organisers (AIIR and UTCB) with this successful outcome and their great hospitality. This REHVA Journal issue reports on several highlighted papers, the winners of student competitions, workshops and courses.


For those reaching out for our next CLIMA 2022 Congress: REHVA accepted the offer of the Netherlands association TVVL to organise this CLIMA 2022 (May 15-18, 2022). This will be for the first time in the Netherlands where REHVA has been founded. The location will be the city of Rotterdam.

The different selected papers are reflecting the different themes covered at CLIMA 2019. Several of our selected articles couldn’t be included and will be published in our next issue due to the limited space.

On the Energy Building standards, a paper explaining the need for the use of hourly calculation procedures to achieve a level playing field for all energy saving technologies and explaining at the same time that this hourly procedure doesn’t need more effort or input data if applied wisely.

A parametric study indicating that a perforated acoustic ceiling with integrated cooling and diffuse ventilation will increase heat transfer by 30-45% compared to the standard cooled ceiling panels.

Energy and Exergy: a really clear overview paper explaining the fundamentals in a understandable way.

Several papers prepared by students where highly appreciated and are of high quality. No surprise as they were awarded as winners of the World student, REHVA student and Daikin poster competition. Their papers are included in this issue.

Finally a Canadian case study which was presented earlier at the AIVC conference last year. A very interesting paper on the use of passive earth tube technology to save energy and enhance IEQ at the same time.

Finally the REHVA News section includes a lot of information on the CLIMA event and the activities and new developments at REHVA board level.


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