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Tuba Bingöl Altıok

·         General Manager of Iklim Ltd.Sti. Turkey

·         25+ years’ experience in management position in HVAC industry

·         30+ years’ experience in HVAC sector

·         Part of REHVA Committees since 2011

·         Ambassador of TTMD for ASHRAE

·         Became a REHVA Fellow in 2020


The 11th of February 2021 was the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. An occasion to celebrate the achievements and place of women in the science field. Women have led ground-breaking research into public health, vaccines, treatments and innovative technology, and been on the front lines of COVID-19 response as scientists, health care workers and more. In this context, REHVA wanted to reflect on and highlight some achievements from the past year.

For instance, the REHVA Fellow award granted to Tuba Bingöl Altiok for her long-term collaboration with our organization. As representative of TTMD since 2011, Tuba attended all committee meetings. The following interview was made in 2020 following Tuba’s award nomination.

AD: Tell us a few words about you, your specialisation and career.

TBA: My father is a mechanical engineer and a designer/consultant in HVAC area. Thanks to this, HVAC area has become my target since the beginning. I graduated as a mechanical engineer from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. During my education, I took part in orientation studies in design and production. My business life started as a system sales engineer and since then I can say that this is my profession. During my business life I had a short time period of mechanical subcontracting experience. For the past 21 years, I have continued to work in my company, mainly as a marketing and sales representative but also as distributor with the hinterlands in Turkey as well as all over the World through Turkish contractors.

AD: Since when are you involved in the REHVA community? Thank you for your commitment. Why do you think it’s worth to invest time in the REHVA network as volunteer?

TBA: I was aware and was hearing about REHVA since I started my education. When I became a member of TTMD, I also became closer to REHVA. I remember, my first contact was in 2003, by joining the Symposium Organization Committee of TTMD. I met many people from REHVA during TTMD Symposiums, and from then then on. I can say that I have learned the most during the Clima 2010 conference, being a member of the Organization Committe of TTMD. Eversince this activity, I got to know REHVA much more into detail. Between 2011-2013 being a member of TTMD Board I was the ambassador in REHVA meetings. Since 2015 till today I am a member of External Relations Committee of TTMD and attending most of the General Assembly/annual/committee meetings and the Clima/Climamed Organizations.

AD: What do you consider as the main challenge of our sector? (NOTE: E.g. having in mind the global & EU goals on delivering decarbonised, high performing building with good IEQ. Feel free to change a bit the question & answer the one you prefer. The idea is to have your vision about challenges & trends)

TBA: I belive in the strength of non-for profits and NGO’s. REHVA is a great source of information and knowledge. Some sources provide information and knowledge, others add some value, and many people benefit from all these. Once joinining such networks, as scientists or academia, the potential of reaching people is far greater, as they teach and inform a way bigger audience. I am not a scientist nor an academician but an engineer. As I mentioned during the ceremony in last GA, my aim is to build bridges between everybody so that whatever the case is, I will be there on behalf of TTMD/members and all individuals in Turkish HVAC sector with the responsibilty of providing the conditions for the people reaching to what they expect. This is so much worth to invest time as a volunteer.

Human beings mainly need to: breathe and drink water. Our main activity is to deal with air and water. Since they are vital, our activities are as well. Climate Change, and starting from Covid-19 any other possible future threats for air and water will bring the importance of our studies. I think we are lucky for this awareness.

AD: Anything else you want to share with REHVA community?

TBA: I am very happy to be in REHVA family. I hope I can provide many more bridges to REHVA in the future.

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