Francesco Robimarga is the new REHVA Policy and Advocacy Officer. Francesco is a lawyer, specialized in parliamentary and EU law. Additionally, he possesses an LL.M. in European Law and Policy.


On 28 May, after the technical experts involved completed the drafting process, the REHVA Manifesto for sustainable, healthy and affordable buildings – the “2050 ready building” pact was finally published.

The document represents a vital milestone for REHVA at least on two different levels.

To begin with, it sets REHVA reflections on how to achieve the EU's 2050 carbon neutrality goals, and specifically the crucial role of buildings in this regard.

However, the potential of the Manifesto goes beyond that, boosting REHVA visibility at the EU level and prompting its advocacy efforts to continue stablishing itself as one of the best respected and notable voices in the HVAC sector in Brussels.

The Content

With specific regards to the content of the Manifesto, the initiative supports EU policies on indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB), aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050. Core principles include: prioritizing energy efficiency, renewable energy, decarbonised heating and cooling systems, high indoor air quality, and smart, cost-effective building technologies.

The pact highlights the building sector's role in reducing 37% of EU carbon emissions through a lifecycle approach and technology-neutral standards. It calls for enhanced ventilation inspections and IAQ monitoring to address poor indoor air quality, linked to 150,000 annual premature deaths and over €260 billion in costs.

Affordable housing should include green mortgages and funded technical assistance to tackle energy poverty and improve living conditions. HVAC professionals need continuous development to stay updated with changes, ensuring a skilled workforce capable of driving the energy transition across the EU.

The Advocacy

Beyond (but still deeply linked to) the technical content of the Manifesto, sprout the Advocacy endeavours. REHVA has tried to act perfectly timing the EU elections in order to engage the potential and future policy makers and make itself clearly heard by them. To enforce this purpose, the Manifesto was sent to the lead candidates of the main political groups at EU level. Additionally, REHVA asked its member associations to disseminate the document at a national level. The EU is indeed an integrated system of supranational and national instances, and act on both sides simultaneously is crucial to obtain the most. REHVA is now collecting replies from lead candidates, waiting for those who will sign the Manifesto, hence endorsing REHVA objectives.

After the elections, REHVA action to position itself in the Brussels Political Arena will continue, by addressing the newly elected or appointed policy makers in the relevant EU bodies, as well as using the Manifesto as a flag-document for the upcoming term 2024-2029.

Discover REHVA Manifesto’s feedback from politicians on the REHVA website.

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