Why do we need a good IAQ at school? School is the place where young people spend most part of their day and obtaining ad adequate IAQ is a must more than in other environments. In fact young people are more vulnerable to bad environmental conditions than adults since their lugs are still growing up and so, more sensitive to air quality related health problems. The right of children of having a good air quality at school is recognized worldwide and many efforts are made to assure it. Let us think to the care that WHO shows to this topic with its actions, publications, and sensitization campaigns. 

That happens because about 300 million people currently suffer from asthma that is the most common chronic disease among children [1]. Furthermore many epidemiological studies have shown that allergic diseases and asthma incidence among young people are growing more and more in these last years [2]. It is important to assure healthy and clean environments to children with these sort of problems since it has been shown that asthma attacks reduce drastically if the exposure to indoor allergens (that may be contained for example, in dust, carpets and furniture, pollution and pets hair), outdoor allergens (moulds and pollens, for example), chemical irritant substances is avoided, or limited, as possible.

Elvira Ianniello (Ph.D.)Page

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