Table of content 12 chapters


A/C Systems and EU regulations for HVAC products

Jorma Railio
Page 04

How to improve energy efficiency of fans for air handling units

Nejc, Brelih
Pages 05 - 11

Ventilation and Energy – maybe not that irreconcilable

Vítor M. S. Leal, Hugo R. R. Santos
Pages 12 - 17

Performance Certification of Refrigerated Display Cabinets (RDC)

Sandrine Marinhas
Pages 18 - 23

Building Integrated System Design for Sustainable Heating and Cooling

Lars Sønderby Nielsen
Pages 24 - 27

Phase Change Materials - Energy analysis of a complex heating system with PCM thermal storage in different climatic conditions

Uroš Stritih, Andreja Burkeljca, Vincenc Butala
Pages 28 - 33

Effect of EPBD on future ventilation systems

Olli Seppänen
Pages 34 - 38

Air-conditioning is not an energy guzzler!

D. Nirmal Ram
Pages 39 - 43

nZEB office building Ympäristötalo in Helsinki, Finland

Jarek Kurnitski
Pages 44 - 53

REHVA / EU regulations – guidance to REHVA’s webpages

Jorma Railio
Pages 54 - 57

The Russian National Standard on ”Green Building”

Yury Tabunschikov, Alexander Naumov
Pages 58 - 61

FINVAC – The Finnish Association of HVAC Societies

Siru Lönnqvist
Page 62

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