Table of content 20 chapters

The EPBD recast 2024 is a fact, aiming at decarbonisation and including IEQ as part of the equation

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 4 - 4

The EPBD recast, technical framework: part 2, total primary energy and GWP

Livio Mazzarella
Pages 5 - 10

New ISO working group “Data for building systems simulation” calls for experts.

Jaap Hogeling
Pages 11 - 12

Potential Health Impacts of Gas Stoves and Unvented Gas Heating in Homes

Jacob Bueno de Mesquita, Núria Casquero-Modrego, Iain Walker, Brennan Less, Brett Singer
Pages 13 - 15

Assessing draught, noise and ventilation effectiveness in bedrooms with MVHR

Faisal Farooq
Pages 17 - 22

Impact of the building airtightness and natural driving forces on the operation of an exhaust ventilation system

Gilles Flamant, Waldo Bustamante, Arnold Janssens, Jelle Laverge
Pages 23 - 27

Dusty Outdoor Air and Natural Ventilation: A Case Study on IEQ and Energy

Evangelos Belias, Flourentzos Flourentzou, Dusan Licina
Page 28

Energy Implications of Increased Ventilation in Commercial Buildings to Mitigate Airborne Pathogen Transmission

Sean M. O’Brien, David Artigas, Ece Alan
Pages 32 - 38

A controlled intervention study of portable air cleaners in two Canadian schools

Grace Zhou, Chang Shu, Justin Berquist, Janet Gaskin, Greg Nilsson
Pages 39 - 44

Hepa Filters to Improve Vehicle Cabin Air Quality

Dixin Wei, Anders Löfvendahl
Pages 45 - 47

Consumption-based billing of energy costs for mechanical ventilation with volumetric flow controllers

Ralf Kästle
Pages 48 - 51

Advancing EPBD Implementation: The SmartLivingEPC project

Sofia Bazzano, Pablo Carnero Melero
Pages 52 - 53

Design of adaptive opportunities for people in buildings

Lada Hensen Centnerová
Pages 54 - 58

REHVA President, Catalin Lungu, at ASHRAE International Building Decarbonization Conference 2024!

Pages 59 - 59

REHVA Annual Meeting 2024

Pages 60 - 62

REHVA Student Competition

Pages 63 - 63

REHVA awards during the Gala dinner of the REHVA Annual Meeting 2024

Pages 64 - 65

New REHVA President!

Pages 66 - 66

New REHVA Associate Organisation

Pages 67 - 67

REHVA Manifesto is finally out

Francesco Robimarga
Pages 68 - 68

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