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Editorial - European Directives: factors for innovation and progress

Jacques Benoist
Page 04

Impact of low energy buildings on IAQ

Eric Bataille
Pages 05 - 08

Air cooling for gas turbines

Emilio Giuliano Bacigalupo
Pages 10 - 12

Requirements for well functioning Demand Controlled Ventilation

Mads Mysen, Peter G. Schild
Pages 14 - 18

High performance heat pumps and chillers are available in the market

Erick Melquiond
Pages 20 - 22

Labelling and certification of HVAC products

Sylvain Courtey
Pages 24 - 28

The efficiency of HVAC products goes beyond EU stipulations

Gert Bakkeren, Christian Herten
Pages 30 - 35

How to calculate cost optimal nZEB energy performance?

Jarek Kurnitski
Pages 36 - 41

The Lyon CAF: A geothermal thermo frigo pump for 13 years

José Naveteur
Pages 42 - 45

New European standard for air filters FprEN 779:2011 - a step in the right direction

Jan Andersson
Pages 54 - 57

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