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The Supporters Bulletin, available and sent bi-monthly, is an electronic newsletter to provide our supporters with useful knowledge and tailored information. Anita Derjanecz, Managing Director of REHVA, and the Editor of the Bulletin, oversees the content that provides general information to the supporters. The bulletin is available to download from the REHVA website.

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  • REHVA Supporter Bulletin 06/2015

    The 11thInternational Conference on Industrial Ventilation (Ventilation 2015) was held on October 26 to 28in Shanghai, China.

  • REHVA Supporter Bulletin 05/2015

    REHVA’s Supporters' seminar was held at the Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie in Brussels, Belgium on 6 October 2015. During this successful technical seminar, several topics were discussed.

  • REHVA Supporter Bulletin 04/2015

    The next REHVA Supporters’ seminar will be held on Tuesday 6 October from 13:00 to 18.00 at the Thon Bristol Stephanie Hotel, 93 avenue Louise, 1000 Brussels.

  • REHVA Supporter Bulletin 03/2015

    The 2015 REHVA Annual Conference was organised in Riga, Latvia on 8-9 May 2015 in cooperation with AHGWTEL, the Association of Heat, Gas and Water Technology Engineers of Latvia.

  • REHVA Supporter Bulletin 02/2015

    The Dutch Sustainable Housing Platform (Platform Duurzame Huisvesting) originates from 2011, when eleven members of the platform signed the letter of intent. The members support the strategic goals of the platform, which are to stimulate sustainability in the housing chain by cooperation within the housing sector.

  • REHVA Supporter Bulletin 01/2015

    We remind you not to forget to register at the REHVA Annual Meeting and Conference 2015 that will be held in Riga, Latvia from 6 to 9 May 2015.

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