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The Supporters Bulletin, available and sent bi-monthly, is an electronic newsletter to provide our supporters with useful knowledge and tailored information. Anita Derjanecz, Managing Director of REHVA, and the Editor of the Bulletin, oversees the content that provides general information to the supporters. The bulletin is available to download from the REHVA website.

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  • REHVA Supporter Bulletin 06/2017

    After the collapse of trialogue talks, the Council and the European Parliament reached an agreement on 19 December in an 8-hours intense 3rd negotiation round. EU lawmakers agreed on long-term renovation strategies, the issue that blocked talks 2 weeks ago.

  • REHVA Supporter Bulletin 04/2017

    EHVA Brussels Summit 2017 will be held on November 13th and 14th, 2017. The REHVA Brussels Summit will launch a new sequence of REHVA meetings offering an intense 2-days event with a new concept and a revamped visual design.

  • REHVA Supporter Bulletin 03/2017

    The ABCE CxC scheme will offer certified supervision services for the commissioning of HVAC equipment. The company was founded in June 2017 and is now developing commissioning protocols for HVAC products and systems with the international expert team of REHVA Member Associations.

  • REHVA Supporter Bulletin 02/2017

    NEW REHVA Guidebook No.22: Introduction to Building Automation, Controls and Technical Building Management. This guidebook aims to provide an overview on the different aspects of building automation, controls and technical building management and steer the direction to further in depth information on specific issues.

  • REHVA Supporter Bulletin 01/2017

    We look forward to welcoming you at the REHVA Annual Meeting 2017 in London (02/04/2017 - 04/04/2017).

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