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Updated: COVID-19 REHVA Guidance document

Dear REHVA Supporters,


On April 3, the REHVA COVID-19 guidance has been updated with the following revisions and additions:


  • Latest information on the airborne transmission and implications to HVAC systems was added;
  • Ventilation continuous operation guidelines were updated to be explicit;
  • SARS-CoV-2 stability data at different temperatures and relative humidity was added;
  • Heat recovery equipment guidance was revised including the recommendation of inspection;
  • Guidance for room level circulation units was complemented;
  • HVAC maintenance personnel protection recommendation was added;
  • A summary of 14 points of practical measures for building services operation was added.


Visit our COVID-19 guidance webpage for more information: updated bibliography. We have also set up a FAQ Frequently Asked Questions section and translations of the first guideline in 8 languages.


Feel free to share the information in your network or contribute with updates as indicated in the document.


REHVA thanks the co-authors for their much-appreciated contribution.

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