Brussels Summit
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REHVA Brussels Summit D-34
Introduction to our first two speakers !

The Brussels Summit is approaching ! Day -34 ! 



For the occasion we have the privilege to introduce you to our prestigious speakers ! 


During Session 2 "Reshaping Education & Training: Navigating IEQ & Digitalisation", we will have the pleasure to listen to Amandine De Coster-Lacourt, who will hold a conference on "The BUILD UP Skills Initiative".


Amandine De Coster-Lacourt is working as a Project Advisor at the Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA).

She is in charge of a portfolio of projects in the field of energy efficient buildings from the Horizon 2020 and LIFE Clean Energy Transition programmes. She also coordinates the BUILD UP Skills initiative on the upskilling of construction professionals.

Prior to this, she worked at the Research & Innovation Directorate General of the European Commission and in the renewable energy sector.



During the same Session, Laure Itard will give us a talk on "The Brains4Buildings Dutch initiative: Data-driven learning communities".


Laure Itard is Professor of Building Energy Epidemiology Delft University of Technology.

Her research group focuses on performance analysis, diagnosis, and optimization of energy systems in operation at the level of buildings and the building stock.Combination of physical modelling with data science is key.



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