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Best indoor environmental quality

CO2 levels are indicators of good indoor air. Ventilation indoors must be carried out as energy efficiently as possible; too much of it will waste energy and too little of it affects your employees’ well-being. Poor ventilation has a major negative effect on  employees’ cognitive skills.

Even a slight change of 100 ppm in the CO2 level reduces productivity and hampers decision-making. Best quality indoor air can be achieved with Vaisala's HVAC sensors. An overstatement? Read why a large IT-company, with a total built up area of 44 million square feet across 16 campuses and around 35% air conditioned, chose Vaisala's HVAC sensors. Not only were various meters and sensors required for effective remote performance management but also because HVAC system condition monitoring becomes a crucial requirement considering the company’s goal to provide best indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and to provide most productive work spaces in the world to its employees.

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