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Smart and Green Comfort


A solution for heating, cooling and domestic hot water

Electa-ECO is a simple and reliable solution to manage comfort during all the seasons of the year, with utmost attention to energy saving. Electa-ECO offers user-friendly simplicity, thanks to the touch control panel and dedicated App for remote control, via a smartphone. Electa-ECO uses the new ecological R32 refrigerant gas, with low global warming potential, in line with the European F-gas Directive, for the progressive reduction of the use of greenhouse gases.



Quiet High seasonal efficiency Hydraulic Plug&Play
Compact Green technology Smart control
iOs and Android App Full inverter Reliable in every condition


Electa-ECO is a packaged air-water heat pump for heating and cooling rooms and producing domestic hot water, by means of an external boiler. Ideal for new homes or low energy consumption residences, even in combination with an existing boiler. Discover it now, click here.

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