Green Ventilation – A straight-forward benchmark to identify sustainable HVAC solutions
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Green Ventilation – A straight-forward benchmark to identify sustainable HVAC solutions

Embracing product sustainability based on acknowledged industry standards and the latest technological evolutions


In the face of global climate change, sustainability is paramount. Yet, sustainability reports such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) can, depending on the project, be overwhelming, difficult to decipher, and are not suitable for product comparison.

At the Systemair Group, we've thus redeveloped our Green Ventilation concept to align with the pressing need for environmentally conscious solutions. Our revamped label, accompanied by stringent product category criteria, empowers you to swiftly and easily identify the most sustainable HVAC solutions for your HVAC projects.


"Green Ventilation is a simple guide to choosing the most sustainable solutions within our portfolio. Only products that meet easily verifiable sustainability criteria can carry our new environmental performance mark."

- Thomas Urban, Product Area Director, Fans and Accessories, Systemair Group


Introducing Green Ventilation: Making sustainability an easy choice

Green Ventilation, once a label used to highlight products containing energy-efficient EC motors, has evolved into a robust environmental performance benchmark. Beyond energy efficiency, Green Ventilation now comprehensively assesses products based on Indoor Air Quality, safety, comfort, global warming potential, and more.

Our commitment to elevating industry standards ensures that every product bearing the Green Ventilation mark meets verifiable sustainability criteria based on acknowledged industry standards and technological evolutions. This benchmark not only upholds our internal excellence but also equips you to meet the growing demand for sustainability in HVAC projects.


Sustainability Criteria Across Our Product Areas


Air Handling Units (AHUs)

  • Eurovent Certified Performance with A+ energy class
  • VDI 6022-1 compliant materials (#HygienicByDesign)
  • EC fan and motor technology
  • Energy recovery system
  • Integrated controls



  • AMCA accredited lab tested
  • Latest EC or AC motor technology
  • No rare-earth magnets
  • No belt drives


Residential Ventilation Systems

  • Eurovent Certified Performance
  • Integrated controls
  • Energy recovery system
  • Advanced filtration technology
  • Low transport CO2 footprint


Air Conditioners

  • Eurovent Certified Performance with energy Class A or higher
  • Energy-efficient, intelligent components
  • Natural refrigerant or synthetic alternatives with GWP <750
  • Energy recovery system


Air Curtains

  • EC fan and motor technology
  • Proven technical data from AMCA-accredited laboratory
  • Integrated controls


Guided by Sustainability Principles

Green Ventilation adheres to a set of overarching sustainability principles:

  • Compliance with current European Union Ecodesign requirements and equivalent regulations worldwide
  • Prioritising energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Designing for circularity, durability, repairability, and upgradability
  • Consistently reducing carbon footprints through manufacturing and supply chain initiatives


Choose Green Ventilation for a Greener Tomorrow

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