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LG Air Solution launches two new indoor heating solutions


Today’s manufacturers, designers and developers must consider many things to accommodate the shifting needs of end users. From European regulation compliance to seamless system integration and optimized energy efficiency, the building industry is becoming more and more complex.

LG Electronics’ latest innovations answer each of these trends and more. With the latest inclusions in the THERMA V R32 line-up, B2B customers and end users alike can be confident that their building solution investments are future-proof: eco-conscious, integrated and connected. 


The LG THERMA V R32 IWT, or integrated water tank, is an all-in-one product comprising an indoor unit that integrates a water tank, a buffer tank and hydronic components, to include water pipes and water pumps for heating, cooling and hot water supply. Featuring a minimalist design that complements any interior, the LG IWT is an ideal space-saving solution. Simple, straight-forward piping allows for quick and easy installation, while the indoor and outdoor units are connected only by refrigerant piping, eliminating the risk of frozen pipes bursting in winter.


THERMA V R32 IWT benefits:

  • True all-in-one integration
  • Cost & time savings with installation ease
  • Modern, sleek design


THERMA V R32 IWT figures:

  • Heating capacity: 5, 7, 9kW
  • 200 liters capacity main water tank
  • 100% capacity at -7°C
  • ErP ratings: A+++ for space heating; A+ for water heating


*Than R410A


The second hot water heating solution announced by LG Electronics this season was the THERMA V R32 Hydrosplit, an even safer solution to residential water and space heating and cooling.


The indoor and outdoor units are connected through a single water pipe, reducing the risk of indoor refrigerant leakage. At the same time, it does not require additional space that would have been required for preventing flammable gas accumulation in case where a refrigerant pipe is used.


THERMA V R32 Hydrosplit benefits:

  • Safe and low noise operation
  • Cost and time savings with installation ease
  • Energy efficiency


THERMA V R32 IWT figures:

  • Heating capacity: 12, 14, 16 kW
  • Maximum leaving water temperature of 65°C at outdoor temperature of -25°C
  • Single-phase or 3-phase compressor
  • ErP ratings: A+++ for space heating


What’s more, the solution can also be combined with a solar thermal system, lowering the user’s environmental impact even further.


Equipped with LG’s R1 compressor, the new members of LG’s THEMRA V R32 line-up have been built to provide powerful, efficient heating, while reliability and durability are achieved with the Black Fin heat exchanger coating.


Furthermore, both THERMA V R32 products can be linked with the LG ThinQ™ app where users can monitor and remotely control compatible LG products and access the vast majority of functions available on the THERMA V controller.


With safety and convenience in mind, LG Air Solution launches two products this winter that combine performance and reliability with design and connectivity.


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