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Proposed modifications and guidelines in EPBD draft
New publication!

REHVA, the Nordic Ventilation Group, and EUROVENT collaborate on a unified initiative aimed at enhancing the implementation of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) requirements as introduced by the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

REHVA, Nordic Ventilation Group and EUROVENT launch common proposal on how to implement Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) requirements introduced by EPBD under revision. These new provisions added by the Commission's and Parliament's initiative, represent an important step forward to assure healthy and comfortable IEQ in buildings.

In this document, IEQ substance and requirements are explained just on few pages. It is shown which items need regulatory effort and which aspects can be left for technical guidance documents such as European standards or national technical guidance. Guidelines and examples are presented how an essential IEQ requirements can be implemented on national level. Also, some minor, but important changes are suggested to make Article 11a implementation technically and economically feasible.

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