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REHVA EU Policy Newsletter - May 2023
Update on the F-Gas Regulation negotiations: The shift to (very) low-GWP refrigerants

Check out the new article by Jasper Vermaut on the REHVA journal!

This article provides a brief overview of the proposal, highlights key amendments by the European Parliament and Council, and discusses the next steps in the revision process. It also provides an update on the proposal for restricting PFAS.

EP takes stronger measures to reduce emissions of fluorinated gases

The European Parliament has adopted a position to revise the EU's legislative framework on fluorinated gases (F-gases) emissions, with the aim of reducing F-gas emissions to meet EU and global climate goals. MEPs want to phase down hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) on the EU market from 2039 onwards and achieve a full HFC production and consumption phase-out by 2050.

EC proposes common criteria to end greenwashing
EU's Net-Zero Industry Act: boosting clean technology manufacturing
Consumer protection & renewable energy lead the new EU electricity market design reform
Agreement on revised EED announced
European Parliament has adopted EPBD position!

Today, the European Parliament adopted its position on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). The amendments passed with 343 votes in favor, 216 against, and 78 abstentions. The amendments include higher ambitions on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) requirements and renovation rates. The most notable provisions in the amendments are more ambitious IEQ requirements, stricter Minimum...

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