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REHVA experts guidance on the EPBD!

How to calculate EP-value according to revised EPBD!

Revised EPBD includes many new items among which EP-value calculation based on the total primary energy instead of non-renewable primary energy maybe seen as a fundamental change.

How to calculate EP-value according to EPBD recast and set corresponding energy and operational CO2 thresholds for zero emission buildings would be a great question for energy experts in all Member States starting to implement the directive.

REHVA experts have prepared methodology including assessment boundaries and calculation rules illustrated with calculation examples for primary energy and CO2 indicators to support harmonised implementation of EPBD so that the ‘energy efficiency first’ principle is followed.

Efficiency first principle stresses that energy consumption both from non-renewable and renewable energy carriers should be minimised through efficiency measures, and to cover the remaining energy consumption, renewable energy generation should be used as much as possible.

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