REHVA Manifesto
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REHVA Manifesto is OUT!

REHVA Manifesto is finally out!

Which is perfect timing because of the entry into force of the EPBD on 28 May. On the same day, REHVA finished the drafting of its REHVA MANIFESTO: For sustainable, healthy and affordable buildings - the “2050 ready building” pact.

The document at hand emphasised the crucial role of buildings in achieving EU's 2050 carbon neutrality goals. 

Key principles include:

  1. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Prioritise energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.
  2. Decarbonised Systems: Implement decarbonised heating and cooling systems and use low carbon construction materials.
  3. Indoor Environmental Quality: Ensure high indoor environmental and air quality.
  4. Smart Buildings: Promote the digitalisation of buildings to enhance energy efficiency and occupant comfort.
  5. Cost-Effective Solutions: Advocate for environmentally optimised, cost-effective technical solutions.


With buildings at the forefront of the energy transition, HVAC professionals play a crucial role. Through continuous professional development and adherence to common EU standards, they can lead the charge towards energy efficiency and sustainability, ensuring buildings meet both energy and indoor environment performance criteria.

The Manifesto was then sent to the lead candidates of the main parties running for the next European Parliament elections to seek their endorsement and assess which parties are open to support REHVA's efforts for a healthier and more efficent type of EU.

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