Webinar on EPBD & IEQ
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REHVA policy webinar on EPBD & IEQ

REHVA is happy to be embarking, with the support of Eurovent, together with eminent IEQ researchers, experts and representatives from EVIA, European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) and GCP EUROPE, on a journey of exploration, discussion, and strategic thinking.

This REHVA hosted policy webinar, during the Build Up Portal’s month of IEQ, delves deeply into the multi-faceted world of building performance with an emphasis on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

As we navigate through the realm of energy-efficient buildings and improved indoor climate, the lens of IEQ offers insights into not only the health and well-being of occupants but also the broader sustainability goals and energy performance of buildings.

EPBD Recast & IEQ: Navigating the Future of Indoor Environmental Quality.

Join us on October 26, 2023 - From 11h00 to 12h50 

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