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Newsletter Issue 3/2019

May 2019

REHVA Community news

REHVA General Assembly 2019: welcome to the new Board !

The REHVA General Assembly 2019 (Bucharest on 26 May) has brought plenty of changes for our Federation. The immediate-past REHVA President, Stefano P. Corgnati, passed the baton to the new President, Frank Hovorka -previously REHVA Treasurer, who officially started his three-years mandate.
The General Assembly was also time for Board elections. Read more.

REHVA awarded Jaap Hogeling with a Gold Medal

During the REHVA Annual Meeting 2019 in Bucharest, Jaap Hogeling, from TVVL received a gold medal award in recognition of his outstanding services to REHVA and for his excellent contributions to science and engineering in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. He was awarded during the REHVA dinner held on the evening of 25 May 2019.

REHVA awards our Fellows and Supporters

During the REHVA General Assembly, REHVA had granted two new fellow awards in recognition of their significant contributions to REHVA, the board, the committees and to the task forces. The two new fellows whom were granted this special award were Juan Travesi from Spain and Serafin Grana from Portugal. REHVA would like to congratulate the two new fellows for their precious time and hard work.
Furthermore, two of REHVA’s supporters were proud to receive trophies:

REHVA congratulated Halton during the REHVA dinner held on 25 May for its 50th anniversary and expressed its heartfelt gratitude for being a true REHVA supporter for almost fifteen years. 

Eurovent Certita Certification also received an award during the Congress dinner held during CLIMA 2019 for being a true REHVA supporter for almost fifteen years.

REHVA sincerely looks forward to continuing their strong collaboration with both organisations.

The REHVA Student Competition and REHVA World Student Competition: Highlights and Results

The REHVA Student Competition and the REHVA World Student Competition were held between the 26th-29th of May at the CLIMA Congress in Bucharest.
The event begun with the REHVA Student Competition, with 17 participants from 15 countries showcasing several HVAC topics, and a jury of chairs judging the competition. The HVAC World Student Competition had also been taken place the next day in which 6 students had participated. Read more.

EU Policy News

Publication of the first guidance document: Commission Recommendation on building renovation

The first Recommendation on building renovation has been published by the European Commission which encompasses the Commission guidance on the new and revised provisions of the EPBD. In a later process, the second Commission Recommendation is following and will cover new and revised EPBD provisions related to modernisation of buildings and of building regulations, including building automation and controls, e-mobility and inspections. Read more.

Minutes of the 2nd stakeholders meeting on the review studies on Ecodesign and Energy Label regulations

The minutes of the 2nd stakeholder meetings for the review studies on Ecodesign and Energy Label regulations for Boiler space/combination heaters (Lot 1) and Water Heaters (Lot 2) are available on the study websites. Space/combination heater studies are available here. For water heater studies, you can find them here.

Clean energy for all Europeans package completed

On 22 May, the Council of the EU formally adopted four new pieces of EU legislation that redesigned the EU electricity market. This was one of the last parts of the Clean energy for all Europeans package and represents major step towards completing the Energy Union. Read more.

EU Project News

QUANTUM-REHVA Guidebook presentation in Bucharest + Construmat, Barcelona

QUANTUM-REHVA Guidebook no.29 “Quality Management for Buildings” was officially presented during CLIMA 2019 Congress in Bucharest, from 26 to 29 May. The Guidebook gives an overview on technical monitoring and commissioning as means of Quality Management for Buildings, addressing building owners, with an overall process view rather than a technical one. REHVA GB no.29 is well defined as the starting point for high Quality Building Performance.
Michele Liziero and Fabio Telli, Energy Team SPA, showcased QUANTUM tools at Construmat, Barcelona, on 15 May 2019, with a presentation titled "Obtaining Measurable Energy Efficiency with Energy, Comfort and BMS Data", within the event "New materials and technologies for energy efficient buildings". The event was organised by LEITAT, research center in Terrassa, Barcelona, and allowed to share QUANTUM experience with around 40 stakeholders of the building sector.

hybridGEOTABS Training Course + Workshop at CLIMA 2019, Bucharest

CLIMA 2019 Congress in Bucharest showcased the hybridGEOTABS training course in the morning session “How to Design hybridGEOTABS Buildings' Components” on Tuesday 28 May (full agenda here). On the same day, in the afternoon session, the experts from the consortium also presented the workshop “Towards optimized performance, design and comfort in hybridGEOTABS buildings” (full agenda here).

ALDREN, CEN-CE, EPB Center at CLIMA 2019, Bucharest + EUSEW Policy Session, Brussels
  • Different experts from ALDREN, CEN-CE and EPB center took actively part to CLIMA 2019 congress workshop “Supporting Dissemination and Roll-Out of the set of Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) Standards”, on Monday 27 May, in the afternoon session. The workshop was organised in collaboration with REHVA, EPEE and EVIA, with the main goal to inform and ask feedback on the implementation of EPB policy at national level (you can find the agenda here)
  • ALDREN, CEN-CE and EPB center will participate to EUSEW, EU Sustainable Energy Week, in Brussels (18-20 June). The related session, scheduled on Wednesday 19 June, “New EPBD: the value of actual performance and digitalization” is supported by REHVA, eu.bac and smartEN, with the aim of discussing regulatory and policy aspects, such as the role   of   EPB   standards   and   the   Smart   Readiness   Indicator,   digitalization   in   buildings, performance monitoring and the role of smart buildings in the flexible energy system (find the full agenda here and the registration page here)

2nd Consortium meeting in Sophia Antipolis (Nice), France

BIM-SPEED 2nd consortium meeting was held on 6-7 May in Sophia Antipolis, Nice area, hosted by CSTB. After the first kick-off meeting held in Brussels, the consortium partners had the possibility to discuss the first outcomes of the project after the first semester, integrating them in a common vision and receiving new feedback for further developments.

2nd Consortium meeting, brand identity and communication and dissemination report


  • TRI-HP project will gather consortium partners in Rapperswil, Switzerland, for the 2nd project meeting, from 7 to 8 October
  • REHVA, in charge of the dissemination and communication activities, presented the TRI-HP brand visual identity and submitted the communication and dissemination report after the first three months from the launch of the project. Both of these documents will serve as a structure for the upcoming website and the future partner’s activities having the potential to attract different target audiences


TripleA-reno -MOBISTYLE joint workshop at CLIMA 2019

TripleA-reno project showcased its results and methodology  on 27 May at CLIMA in Bucharest during the joint workshop “Why people matter? Exploitation strategies for people-centred design TripleA-reno & MOBISTYLE projects” organised in collaboration with MOBISTYLE Project. The workshop displayed how human factors play a pivotal role in energy consumption reduction, enhanced building performance and users comfort and health.

3rd Consortium meeting

TripleA-Reno 3rd consortium meeting will be held in Budapest, from 11 to 13 June, hosted by Comfort Consulting. Partners will discuss about the key factors for the development of the gamification platform after one year from the launch of the project.

Other news

New REHVA Guidebooks: Officially available for purchase!

During the Annual Meeting and the CLIMA Congress 2019 which was held between 24th-29th May, REHVA had launched four of its new guidebooks for sale at a special discounted rate to all its participants which led to great interest among its attendees. As well as the launch of the new REHVA website, REHVA now has published the new guidebooks online, available on eSHOP for all readers to access and buy. Read more.
For buying them, please follow the link of the eSHOP here.


REHVA European HVAC Journal issues

The REHVA Journal Issue 2/2019 on "CLIMA 2019" is available online in PDF on the REHVA Website.

Please feel free to send your articles to in order to publish them on the next issues. To read all REHVA Journals, please visit the REHVA Journal section in the REHVA website.

Why do we measure CO2 in HVAC?

HVAC may not a challenging application for CO₂ sensors but they still must be reliable, easy to maintain, and stable. In his post, Vaisala’s expert discusses CO₂ measurement needs, DCV, and takes a look at how measurement helps maintain wellbeing in a building and how it impacts operating costs. Get more information here.

International Events

ISH Shanghai 2019 – 3-5 September 2019 – Shanghai, China - website

ISH Shanghai & CIHE, the sister show of ISH China & CIHE in Beijing, will return to Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 3-5 September 2019 as the show cements its position as the most influential HVAC and home comfort exhibition in East and Central China.

Building Simulation 2019 – 2-4 September 2019 – Rome, Italy - website

Building Simulation 2019 will feature over 700 speeches for an exceptional opportunity to share information about simulation tools and applications, update about recent achievements and new developments in research, illustrate case studies and best practices, join special programs for students/practitioners and networking opportunities during sessions and social programs.

Other HVAC events

IAQVEC 2019: Healthy Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
5-7 September 2019
Bari, Italy
More information

ISK Sodex 2019
2-5 October 2019
Istanbul, Turkey
More information

PZITS 100th Anniversary
3-4 October 2019
Warsaw, Poland
More information

AIVC 2019 Conference - From energy crisis to sustainable indoor climate
15-16 October 2019
Ghent, Belgium
More information

Refcold India
21-23 November 2019
Hyderabad, India
More information

Aquatherm Moscow 2020
11-14 February 2020
Moscow, Russia
More information

Climate World Moscow
10-13 March 2020
Moscow, Russia
More information

For more HVAC events please check the REHVA Events Calendar on and also

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