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Have you already enrolled in the REHVA Covid 19 Course?

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The full curriculum of the Online Course is now online. You can obtain your certificate after completing the 4 modules and the related exams. Good Luck! 

  • MODULE 1 THE SCIENCE BEHIND: The first module of the course aims at familiarising the participants with the scientific concepts of SARS-COV-2 transmission, risk mitigation and the key role of air quality, air distribution solutions and adequate ventilation in infection control.
  • MODULE 2 HOW TO RESUME AND CONTINUE INDOOR ACTIVITIES: This module goes deeper on the role of HVAC systems’ operation and maintenance, aiming to reduce the risk of airborne transmission, providing also specific guidelines and hands-on exercise on  estimating the infection risk for different spaces.
  • MODULE 3 HOW TO USE HVAC SYSTEMS TO PREVENT AIRBORNE VIRAL TRANSMISSION: Module 3 provides a detailed review of the different components and technologies of the HVAC systems that are crucial on reducing infection risk, such as filtration, heat recovery systems and respective inspection methods, air-cleaning technologies and UV installations.
  • MODULE 4 TAILORED GUIDELINES PER BUILDING/SPACE TYPE: This module is focusing on the specific characteristics of the different types of buildings and spaces, providing information to better understand their particular dynamics, suggesting also tailor-made strategies for reducing risk of transmission.



Join our first live Q&A session - on Monday 1 February 2021 from 16:00 to 17:00 CET - with the REHVA Technology & Research Committee Chair Jarek Kurnitski and the REHVA Vice-President Atze Boerstra, who will answer your questions. SAVE THE DATE!

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