RJ - February issue
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REHVA Journal - February issue


The February issue of our REHVA Journal is out now! 
"Decarbonisation & changing climate - Nordic solutions.
For this issue, we had the pleasure to welcome Risto Kosonen as our editor, who introduced Nordic solutions in a special editorial.


"We have started to talk more often about Planetary Health. Planetary Health is a solutions-oriented, transdisciplinary field and social movement focused on analysing and addressing the impacts of human disruptions to Earth’s natural systems on human health and all life on Earth. As HVAC engineers, our task in planetary wellbeing is to improve energy efficiency and simultaneously guarantee a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

At the moment, we have some challenges. The ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war and the climate crisis have revealed the vulnerability of societies to fluctuations in the availability and price of energy and power. The need to secure the EU’s independence from fossil fuels and the climate crisis urgently push the transformation of Europe’s energy systems. Measures are required to respond to this ambition through the accelerated roll-out of renewables. To support a fast deployment of renewable energy solutions to end the dependency of the EU on fossil fuels, the path of reducing energy demand, decarbonizing power supply, heating and cooling, and addressing the carbon footprint of building materials was presented in the frame of European Green Deal, the Renovation Wave, Energy Roadmap 2050 and REPowerEU plan."

Read the full editorial here


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