Table of content 16 chapters

Nordic issue editorial

Risto Kosonen
Pages 4 - 4

The effect of urban microenvironment on indoor temperatures in Helsinki region

Ilia Kravchenko, Azin Velashjerdi Farahani, Risto Kosonen, Simo Kilpeläinen
Pages 5 - 9

Field measurement indicates overheating in Finnish apartments during hot summer weather conditions

Azin Velashjerdi Farahani, Risto Kosonen, Juha Jokisalo
Pages 10 - 13

Thermal storage capacity in the entire building stock of Denmark for energy flexibility strategies and building-to-grid services

Hicham Johra, Maxime Goupy, Kim B. Wittchen
Pages 14 - 17

Real energy use and indoor air quality in a low energy residential building in Norway

Natasa Nord
Pages 18 - 20

Digitalisation as a potential game changer to foster energy efficiency in the building stock

Markus Schaffer, Judith Fauth, Hicham Johra, Olena K. Larsen, Daniel Leiria, Anna Marszal-Pomianowska, Michal Pomianowski
Pages 21 - 25

Field investigation of indoor air quality in one Norwegian apartment building with burning candles

Azimil Alam, Jules Nacinovi, Kasper Oppi, Thibault Loste, Guangyu Cao
Pages 26 - 30

Investigation of whether elderly people can benefit from local cooling devices in warm environments

Minzhou Chen, Azin Velashjerdi Farahani, Risto Kosonen, Simo Kilpeläinen
Pages 31 - 34

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Indoor Air Quality Management: A Review of Current Status, Opportunities, and Future Challenges

Sasan Sadrizdeh
Pages 35 - 37

Indoor Environment in Arctic Dwellings and Possible Improvements - With Special Focus on Overheating

Alexandr Baron, Florian Rigal, Martin Kotol
Pages 39 - 43

The characteristics of airborne transmission with convective and radiant cooling systems

Weixin Zhao, Simo Kilpeläinen, Risto Kosonen, Juha Jokisalo
Pages 45 - 48

Demand response of space heating for a district heated office building in Finland

Yuchen Ju, Pauli Hiltunen, Juha Jokisalo, Risto Kosonen, Sanna Syri
Pages 49 - 52

Long-term performance analysis of a hybrid ground source heat pump system in Finland

Tianchen Xue, Risto Kosonen, Juha Jokisalo
Pages 53 - 57

Performance evaluation of a Heat Valve ventilation and heating system for residential buildings

Alireza Afshari, Göran Hultmark, Joanna Polak
Pages 58 - 60

Commissioning process is required to guarantee high performance of hybrid systems

Johannes Simola, Risto Kosonen, Simo Kilpeläinen
Pages 61 - 64

Scaling Machine Learning for building operational phase

Davor Stjelja
Pages 65 - 68

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