REHVA Governance

REHVA's main body is the General Assembly, which consists of the Board of Directors and the Treasurer. The Board comprises the REHVA Standing Committees and REHVA office.

Organisational Governance

General Assembly

The General assembly is the association of all REHVA membered organisation whom are national engineering associations from 27 countries. The General assembly oversees electing the board of directors and focus on long term policies & missions as well as approving the budget of REHVA.


The treasurer monitors the budget, the estimate and the current accounts and reports on them to the board regularly.

Board of Directors

The board of directors is elected by the General assembly and implement the decisions and policies. They are also in charge of the financial and legal representations of REHVA as well as overseeing the work of REHVA standing committees and the REHVA Office.

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REHVA Standing Committees

The REHVA standing committees oversee the development and implementation of action plans in the 5 mainfields:

REHVA Secretariat

The REHVA Secretariat is the operative body of the association led by the Managing Director. The REHVA Office oversee the operative implementation of REHVA strategies and action plans and the administration of the association, such as membership management and services, financial and administration management, and the secretarial work of the standing committees. REHVA Office arranges the production of REHVA guidebooks, Journal and publications and implements EU projects, follows EU policies and implements EU policy advocacy activities. All REHVA events are also managed by the secretariat.

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