HVAC Guidebook repository

The Toolkit for HVAC professionals

Book repository is an online REHVA publication library collection that combines REHVA guidebooks together with the REHVA Member’s publications and other knowledge activities. As a professional tool, it aims at promoting the knowledge and publications provided by REHVA and European HVAC associations in support of HVAC professionals, academia and other stakeholders.

What is it about?

The repository is listed according to the different technical topics that cover the common interests of European HVAC Associations, such as:

Heating and cooling systems, Ventilation systems, Lighting (artificial) systems, Building automation, Controls and technical building management system, Water supply and sanitary systems, Fire safety systems, Energy generation and recovery systems, Building envelope, Systems design, Indoor environmental quality and building users, Building performance calculation and simulation, Building performance management, nZEB, high performance buildings, Building valuation, Digitalization and digital transformation, etc.

How it works?

You can search for a specific publication in a search tool, or you can discover publications per each technical area. Furthermore, the topics view features an advanced search tool that can filter the books according to both their type and topic. Clicking on the book title will take you to the guidebook details page on the publisher's website. There, you will find more information about the book, such as the descriptions or its table of contents, as well as its price. Additionally, on this page you can purchase the book.

Only guidebooks published by REHVA can be bought from our website directly. 

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