REHVA is the Voice of European HVAC Designers and building services engineers

REHVA is The Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning associations founded in 1963. We are an umbrella organization that represent over 120,000 HVAC designers, building services engineers, technicians and experts across 26 European Countries.

REHVA provides its members a strong platform for international professional networking, and knowledge exchange pursuing the vision of improving health, comfort, safety and energy efficiency in all buildings and communities. REHVA contributes to technical and professional development, follows EU policy developments and represents the interest of its members at EU level and globally.

In these areas, REHVA has a significant impact on national and international strategic planning and research initiatives, as well as on the associated educational and training programmes.

REHVA is committed to advancing its programs and services for young engineers, through helping them build their professional foundations. 

This is achieved through the exchange of technical information, practical experience and research results by REHVA’s working groups, seminars, publications and journal.

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Building a healthier and sustainable built environment!

REHVA's mission is to develop and disseminate economical, energy efficient, safe and healthy technology for mechanical services of building; to serve its members and the field of building engineering (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) by facilitating knowledge exchange, supporting the development of related EU policies and their national level implementation.

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  • Stefano P. Corgnati, Prof., Ph. D.

    "We strive to develop a culture focusing on human-centred design, which  means a design to maximize IEQ but decrease energy consumption. REHVA is committed to drive this vision in the HVAC sector, both at EU and at local level via its Member Associations. The HVAC sector must show leadership in driving the transition to post-carbon society."

    Stefano P. Corgnati, Prof., Ph. D. Past President

  • Frank Hovorka

    ‘REHVA is a solid organization, not only by the age of 50s, but through the highest quality of work developed by its members at every level. The recognition by EU officials is a clear achievement of this work’

    Frank Hovorka Past President

  • Manuel Carlos Gameiro da Silva

    'REHVA has a very special position because it may act as a mediator between the active forces of the market and the political decision makers. Being recognized as an independent organization holding the knowledge about the sector, it has a very strong ability to influence its evolution'

    Manuel Carlos Gameiro da Silva Former Vice-president Chair of the Education and Training Committee

  • Hannu Saastamoinen - Swegon

    “It is our common interest to have and drive an “industry agenda” that profiles the HVAC industry in positive light when it comes to the sustainable development of our build environment and improved quality of life”

    Hannu Saastamoinen CEO

  • Jyri Luomakoski - Uponor

    “It is important to recognise the significant value of the huge network which REHVA has within Europe. REHVA has a very good reputation in contact with EU institutions, and the policy makers are very important for our sector. We also value the information services that REHVA has been developing for the sector via its publications and events.”

    Jyri Luomakoski CEO

REHVA Member Association

REHVA is the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations,representing over 120,000 engineers from 26 countries.

Maps with REHVA members

REHVA's aim is to bring together the best available knowledge of the HVAC sector in Europe. Many of our productions are available freely to all and we are proud of that. Your donations will help us to continue our activities and to keep on sharing knowledge with all. Thank you!

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