REHVA advocacy & EU policy making

REHVA advocacy & EU policy making

REHVA follows European policy developments linked to buildings energy efficiency, especially the review of the EPBD and other relevant EU policies (Ecodesign, Ecolabel, Energy Efficiency Directive, F-gas regulation, Clean energy Package and Energy Union). Updates about EU policy developments are regularly published in the REHVA Journal, Newsletter and Supporters’ Bulletin. This activity is supported by the TRC that coordinates the development of position papers and technical comments supporting evidence based European policy development.

REHVA is advocating for indoor environment quality and buildings energy efficiency and aims at influencing the development of buildings related EU policies and at supporting their national level implementation in the field of HVAC.

Policy issues

EU Policy Advocacy Group

In February 2024, REHVA launched the EU Policy Advocacy Group (EUPAG) with the primary aim of amplifying REHVA's influence on EU policies, including the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR). The kick-off meeting focused on outlining and consensus-building on strategies to enhance the effectiveness of REHVA's advocacy efforts. The event saw participation from 26 colleagues from REHVA  Member Associations and REHVA Supporters, all united by a commitment to work collaboratively. The group’s ethos is to forge and disseminate unified REHVA messages, supporting and sharing them across EU, national, and regional levels through REHVA Member Associations.

EUPAG unanimously recognized the importance of proactive engagement in the upcoming Parliament elections to foster connections with MEPs. As an initial step, the group prepared a brief document detailing their support for the EPBD Recast.

This document is intended for distribution to select MEPs ahead of the EPBD Recast vote during the next European Parliament plenary session in mid-March 2024. Additionally, the drafting of a REHVA manifesto on the EPBD, ahead of the European elections on June 9, 2024, was proposed. This manifesto, summarizing REHVA’s scientific and technic based stances on EPBD transpositions, aims to facilitate outreach to MEPs at European, national, and regional levels, establishing effective communication and dissemination channels. 

Colleagues from REHVA Member Associations and REHVA Supporters & Associate Organisations are encouraged to join the REHVA EU Policy Advocacy Group (EUPAG). If you're not already part of the REHVA family and your organisations shares the same values and vision, you are more than welcome to join us!

Networking and cooperation with EU level professional organisations

Networking and cooperation with EU level professional organisations

REHVA networks and cooperate with various profesionals in the construction sector that are active in the field of buildings energy efficiency, indoor environment quality and sustainable energy: federations of architects, consulting engineers, contractors, HVAC manufacturers, facility managers, construction industry, as well as EU level technology platforms and initiatives. The objectives of REHVA in this field are the professional networking and the joint representation of interest at EU level as well as the knowledge exchange and the promotion and dissemination of innovation and knowledge in the sector.

EU level industry associations and initiatives/campaings

EU institutions and EU public affairs

REHVA keeps liaison with the European Union Institutions: European Commission Services, such as DG Energy, DG Enterprise, DG Environment, DG Research, and the Commissions’ Executive Agencies EASME and INEA, as well as with the European Parliament’s ITRE and ENVI Committees, and the Council of the EU. REHVA is acknowledged by DG Energy and DG Research as a European stakeholder organisation and regularly receives invitations to policy consultations and stakeholder meetings, as well as information about on-going policy making work.

EU level industry associations and initiatives/campaings

REHVA kept liaison with the Brussels based EU level professional associations in the field of HVAC and building energy efficiency, health and IEQ. We exchanged views and participated at several meetings and events about the revised EPBD, and other energy and climate policies - among others - with EVIA, EPEE, EHPA, eu.bac, EHI, EFA, Eurovent Association and EuroACE.


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Clean energy package and building sector

Clean energy package and building sector

This package outlines specific measures for the building sector-the largest single energy consumer in Europe, with considerable potential for gains in energy performance.

Therefore, REHVA was actively advocating in the revision of the Energy performance directive (EBPD) and closely monitoring the revision of Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and Renewable Energy Directive (EED).

Clean energy for all Europeans package

The Commission's 'Clean Energy for All Europeans' package, which was published in November 2016, including a proposal for a Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union. The package includes 8 different legislative proposals (each with a linked impact assessment) covering:

  • Energy Performance in Buildings (EPBD)

  • Energy Efficiency Directive (EED)

  • Renewable Energy Directive (RED)

  • Governance of the Energy Union (regulation)

  • Electricity Market Design (the Electricity Directive, Electricity Regulation and Risk-Preparedness Regulation)

  • Rules for the regulator ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators)

This new policy framework fixes two new targets for the EU for 2030: a binding renewable energy target of at least 32% and an energy efficiency target of at least 32,5% - with a possible upward revision in 2023.

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