REHVA Student Competition

REHVA Student Competition

REHVA organises every year a competition to award the best HVAC students in in Europe. REHVA Member Association can nominate one entry per country to the competition after having organised their national level contests. The submitted works are based on a Master or Bachelor work and can cover any topic in the field of heating, ventilation or air conditioning. The Student competitions ae organised during the REHVA Annual Meetings and the Students receive a trophy with their names engraved in it, which is then handed over next year to the next winner. The trophy has been traveling a lot in the past decade carrying the names of all the proud winners since 2005.




HVAC World Student Competition

HVAC World Student Competition

In 2013, REHVA founded a REHVA World Student competition, now called HVAC World Student Competition with 4 MoU partners from India (ISHRAE), ABRAVA (Brazil), North-Amerika (ASHRAE), China (CCHVAC) and Korea (SAREK). Every three year at the CLIMA World Congress REHVA is organising the competition, having 1 candidate from each partner continent or region. The candidates ae selected by the MoU partner association. The winner of the REHVA Student Competition is the European candidate in the HVAC World Student Competition.

Between the CLIMA years, the other MoU partners organise the HVAC World Student Competition according to the same rules around the world with the participation of REHVA in the jury. The first competition was held in 2016 by REHVA in Denmark, and the second was in China by CCHVAC. REHVA co-finances the participation of the European candidate in these global competitions.

Book of Papers

Book of Papers

The Book of Papers contain all papers from past editions of the REHVA Student Competitions & HVAC World Student Competitions.

Book of Papers 2019

Access the Book of Papers 2019.

Book of Papers 2020

Access the Book of Papers 2020.

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