Publishing and Marketing Committee (PMC)

Working Environment

The objective of REHVA Publishing Committee is to manage and develop REHVA publications and website to increase the visibility of REHVA values and disseminate information to REHVA Members and Supporters. Information is gathered up from work of REHVA Technical and Research Committee and Task Forces, REHVA EU-Projects, REHVA Members, REHVA Conferences, REHVA Workshops, REHVA Co-operating Organisations and from European Commission.

Publishing and Marketing Committee oversees the managing REHVA brand, sales policy and advertising policy in REHVA publications, and production of REHVA promotion material in cooperation with REHVA Office.

REHVA publications are the following:

  • REHVA Journal
  • REHVA Website
  • REHVA Technical reports
  • REHVA Guidebooks
  • REHVA Newsletters
  • REHVA Dictionary
  • REHVA Dictionary App
  • REHVA Guidebooks Translations
  • REHVA Social Media Accounts


The PMC chair is Francesca R. d'Ambrosio. REHVA staff supporting PMC is Nicoll Marucciová.

Francesca R. d'AmbrosioChair
Lada Hensen CentnerováCo-Chair
Nicoll MarucciováSecretary
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Core Members

  • Francesca R. d'Ambrosio (Italy), Chair
  • Lada Hensen Centnerová (the Netherlands), Co-Chair
  • Altiok Tuba Bingol (Turkey)
  • Anna Bodgan (Poland)
  • Tiberiu Catalina (Romania)
  • Christian Feldmann (France)
  • Chereches Nelu-Cristian (Romania)
  • Jaap Hogeling (the Netherlands)
  • John Lens (the Netherlands)
  • Siru Lönnqvist (Finland)
  • Brigit Mŭller (Germany)
  • Olaf Oosting (the Netherlands)
  • Dusan Petras (Sovakia)
  • Rafael Vasquez (Spain) 
  • Hywel Davies (United Kingdom)
  • Dejan Mumovic (United Kingdom)

Corresponding Members

  • Mervi Ahola (Finland)
  • Francis Allard (France)
  • Claus Andreasson (Denmark)
  • Julien Carton (France)
  • Nerissa Deoraj
  • Miloš Lain (Czech Republic)
  • Livio Mazzarella (Italy)
  • Ioan Silviu Dobosi (Romania)
  • Renato Merati (Italy)
  • Olli Seppänen (Finland)
  • Ziya Haktan Karadeniz (Turkey) 
  • Karel Kabele (Czech Republic) 
  • Serafin Grana (Portugal)
  • Gratiela Tarlea (Romania)
  • Branko Todorovic (Serbia)


The Publishing and Marketing Committee will have an annual meeting with both voting and corresponding members during the General Assembly of REHVA. Voting members will have operative meetings between general assemblies, to where also corresponding members and other interested participants are welcome. Members of Editorial Board are helping the Editor to plan each issue.

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