Education and Training Committee (EC)

Working Environment

The Education and Training Committee is actively involved into REHVA Student Competition and World HVAC Student Competition.

At REHVA Student Competition, REHVA stages these competitions to select and to award the best students in heating, ventilating and air-conditioning all-over Europe. Each European country has the right to nominate one entry to the competition. This has to be done through REHVA's members associations. The entry has to be based on a diploma, master or bachelor work in the field of heating, ventilation or air conditioning.

For details of your national competition, please contact your national association and click here to read the REHVA Student Competition 2021 rules.


The EC Chair is Manuel Gameiro da Silva and the EC Co-Chair is Ivo Martinac.

REHVA staff supporting EC is Nathalie Wouters.

Ivo Martinac
Ivo MartinacVice-PresidentMandate:
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Core Members

  • Ivo Martinac, Co Chair (Sweden)
  • Tiberiu Catalina, Co Chair (Romania)
  • Francis Allard (France)
  • Edith Barna (Hungary)
  • Murat Cakan (Turkey)
  • Ivan Chmurny (Slovakia)
  • Francesca R. d'Ambrosio (Italy)
  • Egils Dzelzitis (Latvia)
  • Robert Gavriliuc (Romania)
  • Karel Kabele (Czech Republic)
  • Targo Kalamees (Estonia)
  • Risto Kosonen (Finland
  • Catalin Lungu (Romania)
  • Zoltan Magyar (Hungary)
  • Joris Mampaey (Belgium)
  • Sašo Medved (Slovenia)
  • Uwe W. Schulz (Switzerland)
  • Marija Todorovic (Serbia)
  • Juan Travesi (Spain)
  • Rafael Vazquez (Spain)
  • Cas Wegman (The Netherlands)
  • Torun Widström (Sweden)
  • Johann Zirngibl (France)

Corresponding Members

  • Balazs Andras-Tövissi (Hungary)
  • Tomasz Cholewa (Poland)
  • Cristiana Croitoru (Romania)
  • Suzana Domjan (Slovenia)
  • Liviu Drughean (Romania)
  • Tim Dwyer (United Kingdom)
  • Jiri Hirs (Czech Republic)
  • Ece Kalaycioglu (Turkey)
  • Siru Lönnqvist (Finland)
  • Gabrielle Masy (Belgium)
  • Livio Mazzarella (Italy)
  • Birgit Müller (Germany)
  • Alvaro Pastor Peral (Spain)
  • Dusan Petras (Slovakia)
  • Pedro Vicente Quiles (Spain)
  • Jorma Säteri (Finland)
  • Hendrik Voll (Estonia)


The EC has two face-to-face meetings per year: one in spring during the REHVA Annual Meeting and one in fall linked to the REHVA Brussels Summit. 

Agendas and minutes of each EC meeting are stored in the Experts area of the REHVA website dedicated to the EC and are sent to all the EC members and meeting participants by the EC secretariat.

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