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REHVA Newsletter 04/2020

REHVA will soon publish the 2nd update of the guidelines on how to operate building systems during the pandemic based on the latest academic evidence available. The new release will focus on how to reopen and safely use buildings after the lockdown and will provide specific guidance for certain components, buildings/space types and mitigation measures. 

In the past weeks, REHVA has received a massive amount of inquiries on how to “restart” buildings and safely use their components. To answer these most urgent questions, we release two system specific guidance documents on fan coils operation in case recirculation can’t be avoided and on measures to minimise air-leakages across rotary heat exchangers. We have as well published a building specific guidance on school buildings with the purpose to provide summarised advice on the operation and use of building services in schools.

For all the new content keep an eye on the REHVA COVID-19 guidance page!

REHVA Community REHVA Community

Earlier this month REHVA has responded with a press release to the WHO acknowledgement fo the airborne transmission of COVID-19 following an open letter by 239 scientists from 32 countries, including many REHVA experts, published this week in the Journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.

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New webinar section on the website

Did you miss a webinar or you just need to rewind to specific points in the timeline?

Find all the webinars on our new section of the website!

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Smart Readiness Indicator home straight

We are now on the home straight for the adoption of the Smart Readiness Indicator.

REHVA Publications REHVA Publications
Coming soon!

GB 11: Air Filtration in HVAC Systems

This guidebook presents the theory of air filtration with some basic principles of the physics of pollutants and their effects on indoor air quality while keeping the focus on the practical design, installation and operation of filters in air handling systems. It is intended for designers, manufacturers, installers, and building owners. With its theory, practical solutions and illustrations, this guide is also an excellent textbook for higher vocational education and training of technicians and specialists in building services engineering.


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Efficient, reliable, increasingly more ecological solutions
Efficient, reliable, increasingly more ecological solutions

Efficiency and technology are fundamental in the development of new products in order to make them more compatible with the environment that we live in. The gradual phase-down of high GWP refrigerants is accompanied by the demand for increasingly efficient and low-consumption products as required by the European Directive. New ECO range coming soon from Rhoss.

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CEN-CE interview with Francis Allard
QUEST methodology stakeholder survey: have your say!
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QUEST Project newsletter - De-risking energy efficciency investments
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