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REHVA Newsletter May 2023


Exciting updates from REHVA's 60th-anniversary meeting in Brussels! The committees gathered to discuss the organization's activities in 2022 and strategize for the future. REHVA is committed to leading the industry towards a greener future.

The Publishing and Marketing Committee focused on effective knowledge dissemination, including translations for wider accessibility. TRC welcomed new co-chairs and approved an ambitious Activity Plan for 2023, addressing EPBD revision and decarbonization. The Education and Training Committee emphasized skill development through the REHVA Knowledge Hub and new courses. Notable supporter events were announced, fostering collaboration. Enhanced communication and cross-committee partnerships were prioritized, exemplified by Kemal Bayraktar's election as PMC co-chair. Celebrating 60 years, REHVA is at the forefront of advancing the sustainable built environment!

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The REHVA Committees met in Brussels!
REHVA has a new vice-president!
REHVA managing director was interviewed by Elsevier!
REHVA Student Competition 2023 | And the winner is...
REHVA News & Publications REHVA News & Publications
REHVA publishes a new report on the Shift Away from Natural Gas in Buildings!
Read the new issue of the REHVA Journal!
Arsen Melikov presented an upcoming REHVA Guidebook in Tokyo!

Arsen Melikov presented a new Guidebook on occupant targeted ventilation during IAQVEC 2023 in Tokyo Japan.

Stay tuned for more information about this guidebook. In mean time, check out our already published guidebooks on the REHVA eshop:

EU Projects news EU Projects news
If most cars can tell us how much energy we’re using, why can’t our houses?

When the energy supply faces severe constraints and threatens to come short for the demand, European eyes turn to the buildings where we live and work: how much energy do they waste? How can we make them more efficient? Despite the European-wide roll out of the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) – an instrument that assesses how close a building comes to being energy smart and how it can be further...

MODERATE first newsletter is out!
EPC RECAST 4th neswletter is out!
The first SMART² newsletter is out!

The E4E Project aims to enhance the innovation and resilience of engineers in the EU by equipping them with new competences. It addresses skill gaps and challenges in the engineering profession, focusing on digital, green, resilience, and entrepreneurial skills. The project establishes an Engineering Skills Council, develops a monitoring methodology for the profession, and delivers the E4E Curriculum for transversal competences

In the framework of the ERASMUS + Project, entitled Engineers 4 Europe,ENGINEERS EUROPE, invites you to contribute to its endeavours, to research and collect information that can help determine  New Trends in Engineering Education. By filling out this survey you will provide data which will lead to the development of Innovative Training in the form of micro-credentials. Those will be useful to professional engineers and contribute to their competences in the area of digital, green, entrepreneurial and transversal qualities. Please note that all questions require an answer. The survey should not take longer than 12 minutes to be completed.

Participate in the LIFE 2023 Clean energy transition information session!
Horizon Europe: 420.1 million € of funding available for research and innovation projects in Climate, Energy & Mobility
EU Policy News EU Policy News
Participate in the stakeholder forums on the heat pumps action plan
EU Publication of Ecodesign preparatory study for Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS)
Commission initiates extensive skills partnership for energy-intensive industries
Technical assistance for ensuring optimal performance of technical building systems
Give your opinion now on the action plan to roll out heat pumps!
Council negotiation mandate ready on F-Gas Regulation
Newly Released: EC DG CLIMA's report on climate adaptation for buildings

The European Commission Directorate-General for Climate Action (EC DG CLIMA) has released a report titled "Guidance on climate adaptation of buildings." This report compiles and summarizes various methods, specifications, best practices, and guidance for constructing and renovating buildings, with a specific focus on adapting to climate change and enhancing resilience. The report consists of two main...

Upcoming events Upcoming events
Recording Sustainable Energy Day 2023 LIFE Clean Energy Transition: Smart Ready!

01 June 2023,

Recording Sustainable Energy Day 2023 Professional associations enhancing renovation skills

07 June 2023

REHVA Brussels Summit 2023

13 - 14 November 2023

43rd AIVC conference

04 - 05 October 2023,
Aalborg University

40 Rue Washington 1050 Brussels, Belgium Tel.: +32-2-5141171 Fax: +32-2-5129062