On April 5th, the EU Member States have agreed to commence negotiations with the European Parliament on two proposals for regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ozone layer depletion, with the goal of limiting global temperature increases in line with the Paris Agreement.

These regulations will further decrease emissions of fluorinated gases and ozone-depleting substances, which are currently still used in laboratory and chemical production, as well as in everyday products like fridges, air conditioning, and medicines. The negotiating mandate accepted by member states adheres to the principles of the proposals, while also making some changes.

The Council has proposed a limited exemption for heat pumps in the HFC phase-down and a more lenient HFC phase-down timeline compared to those suggested by the Commission and Parliament. Additionally, the Council's amendments include a distinction between air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps in the product prohibitions, which some industry actors have requested, as the use of natural refrigerants is more complex in the former.

Now, the Council and the Parliament will engage in trilogue negotiations to finalize the shape of the regulations.

Read a more in-depth overview of the negotiations in the latest edition of our REHVA Journal. 

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