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Supporters Bulletin 04/2020

REHVA is developing an online course on how to operate buildings and safely use densely occupied spaces. This practical online course targets facility managers, occupational health and safety specialists, building service contractors and any building professional who is involved in the maintenance and operation of buildings, HVAC systems and the management of indoor climate quality. Participants who will participate in the course and successfully complete the exam will receive a cerfitication. The course will be based on the REHVA guidance, but the modules provide a deeper knowledge and hands-on practical information thought by REHVA experts.


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REHVA Publications REHVA Publications
GB11: Air Filtration in HVAC Systems

REHVA has just published a new updated Guidebook N.11. The scope of this Air Filtration Guidebook is to increase the awareness of the role of air filtration in improving indoor air quality. It will help designers and users to understand the background and criteria for air filtration, how to select air filters and avoid problems associated with hygiene and other considerations in the operation of air filters. 

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New EU energy label system

The EU energy labelling framework regulation was updated and adopted three years ago (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369). The EU energy labels help steer and guide consumers to choose products that use less energy since 1994. These new labels will be visible for European consumers in physical stores and on-line as of 1st March 2021. This new framework regulation will reintroduce a simpler classification,...

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Congratulations to Rhoss!
Congratulations to Rhoss!

 Rhoss distributor Klima-Therm was the winner of the "HEAT PUMP - PRODUCT OF THE YEAR" award in the ACR News Awards 2020 event with EXP technology - RHOSS 'polyvalent ecological system!


Italian 'Superbonus' combines achieving European economic growth and hitting CO2 goals
Italian 'Superbonus' combines achieving European economic growth and hitting CO2 goals

Italy's 'Superbonus' is one of the most ambitious heat pump installation scheme to date. According to Daikin, the Italian initiative provides the perfect blueprint for other countries seeking to combine the decarbonization of homes with sustainable economic growth.

Read Daikin's press release HERE

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