The EU energy labelling framework regulation was updated and adopted three years ago (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369). The EU energy labels help steer and guide consumers to choose products that use less energy since 1994. These new labels will be visible for European consumers in physical stores and on-line as of 1st March 2021.

This new framework regulation will reintroduce a simpler classification, using only the letters from A to G. The rescaling will also lead to better differentiation among products that, under the current label classification, all appear in the same top categories. It means, for example, that a fridge that currently has the A+++ label could become a C category, even though the fridge is just as energy efficient as before, or that an A++ dishwasher could become an E category. The main principle is that the A category will be empty at first, and B and C categories scarcely populated, to pave way for new, more energy efficient products to be invented and developed.

The first set of new energy labels for dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and electronic displays will be visible in shops as of 1st March 2021 and for lamps, as of 1st September 2021. New labels for air conditioners, ovens, range hoods and water heaters are expected to be visible in 2022.

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Find more information on the Energy Labels and Ecodesign HERE.

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